Any idea what’s living under your fingernails?


This is the first “human” bit that I’ve ever knitted, and I think it came out fairly well. At least well enough to be mildly revolting.

What’s lurking below the nail will be revealed a little later.

12 thoughts on “Yuck!

  1. Lovely. If anyone had that much green growing down under, the nail wouldn’t be so round and pretty. But from a purely pharmacological point of view, I can’t wait to see what species lies beneath.

  2. i love the textured ridges you created that stand in for the knuckles. and also the way that the securing seam for the nail also simulates the “moon” or white semi circle, of the nail.

    And of course, the cute fungi are already peering over from their secret hide-a-way!

  3. Thank you! I thought about making the nail less pretty, but then I also kind of liked the contrast of the pretty pink and white finger with the little green fungi, or bacteria– I haven’t decided exactly what they are yet.

  4. Clever idea, but I’m still kind of traumatized by the “Digger the Dermatophyte” anti-nail-fungus medicine ad campaign that ran a couple years ago.

    please let the things living under the nail be CUTE.

  5. Yeah, I actually hated that campaign, and I’d love to avoid comparisons. I’ve thought about changing the color of the creatures to something more brownish, or perhaps even purple…

    Any thoughts?

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