Sad Rain, Happy Rain

As we all know, rain can be gentle and nourishing, or nasty and mean, as New Yorkers with a shut-down subway system experienced today. Hanna of Bitter Sweet used this theme to knit up a couple of fabulously expressive Rainyclouds!

Her “bad” rain:


And her “good” rain:


I am so impressed by these!

Hannah is quite the designer herself— check out her great (and free!) knit and crochet patterns. They’re mostly food-related, and totally adorable.

3 thoughts on “Sad Rain, Happy Rain

  1. hehe, i saw this yesterday and said “mochimochi!” I love how Hanna is always so creative with her fiber projects.

  2. i love these clouds! i have thought of several different cloud mobiles, too, that would be super cute! and i love the rain so much. even though it can be kinda bad, i loooove it!

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