Sleepy Snakes and the Mischievous Mice Who Have Love/Hate Relationships with Them

It is SO awesome to see different people’s results from Mochimochi Land patterns.

Shelly just showed me her photos of her Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse.




That’s one happy-looking snake, no? Thanks for sharing, Shelly!

Here are a few more silly Snake/Mouse combos:


Adorable BFF made by Dknits.


A dramatic chase scene by Mikkers!

Just a kiss(?) by Giolou.

And a supercute color-coordinated not-so-sleepy Snake and Mouse by Bonney.

There are so many creative photos like these of fabulous Mochimochi Land toys that people have sent me and uploaded to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr. Thank you, everyone—and keep ’em coming!

I hinted a while back about holding a photo contest, which I’m planning to formally announce soon. A box brimming with cute and slightly strange toys and zakka from Japan will serve as the grand prize. More details to come soon!

One thought on “Sleepy Snakes and the Mischievous Mice Who Have Love/Hate Relationships with Them

  1. aw, i love seeing everyone versions! I was at a knit night yesterday and one of my new friends there was so glad to see me because she had received a blade of grass as a blog contest prize, but didn’t know what it was until she saw my photos of the one i had knit! it was so funny! but now she is so anxious to knit Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse. she is a total convert!

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