Shock and Awe Metalwerx

This weekend I was happy to learn that my good friend Audrey has just launched her new Etsy shop to sell her original, handmade jewelry.

Audrey has been making jewelry for a number of years now, and I’m lucky enough to have been the recipient of some of her amazing designs. Though she’s a very versatile artist, she specializes in pieces made of natural and found materials. Here are a couple of my faves from her shop:

These earrings are made from silver, carved wood, and coffee seeds.

And these ones are made from silver, bullet shells and broom straw.

I’m always impressed by how unexpected but also really elegant her work is. And her prices are very affordable, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she sells out soon.

3 thoughts on “Shock and Awe Metalwerx

  1. They are different, however, I doubt that ones like the coffee seeds would get through our borders here in Australia. Receiver would be notified and given a choice as to whether to pay #60.00 to have them “radiated” with radiation to be sure all or any living oraganisms would be destroyed or Quarantine would take them and destroy them. Just thought that might be worth passing on to your friend. Might be an idea to check what can and cannot pass between borders internationally to avoid disappointment.

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