Rainbow Busters

While you admire a post-shower rainbow from afar, a pack of little grayish sprites are working to dismantle it as quickly as possible.


This is the mission of the Rainbow Busters: to rid the world of all its annoyingly clichéd color.


Their methods are varied, from spray painting the rainbows black to ripping them to shreds.


Even this baby Buster has found a way to be helpful destroying a baby rainbow:


Thanks to the Rainbow Busters, someday our skies may be free of color pollution.

The piece measures 10.5″ long by 9″ tall; each Buster is about 2.5″ tall. (Baby is 1″.)

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Busters

  1. I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK. I wish I could try some of your patterns but I can only crochet.. Any chance for a chane to crochet….

    Will be back!!

  2. Hi everyone, Thank you for such nice comments.

    Eve—crochet is on the top of my list right now of things I absolutely must get into! I hope you do come back.

    Gil, thank you so much for such a nice post on your blog. I’m very flattered to have your wife’s approval as well!

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