Plecky the Pleco

This is Plecky.


Plecky is a Rubbernose Pleco, and he has been pestering me to write about him on my blog for months.

Plecos are a kind of catfish, and they suck. Literally. Plecky doesn’t do much swimming around our tank; during he day, he prefers to adhere himself to the glass with his big funny mouth and sit there all day long. (He is nocturnal, so who knows what he does when we’re sleeping.)

Plecky is a little misanthropic—he doesn’t like us looking at him. If you get in his range of sight, he’ll flap around a bit and find a new place to sit, usually stuck right to the front of the tank, where he can’t see you anymore. (And to him, this means that you can’t see him anymore, either.)

But that just means that we get a great view of his fascinating underside!


According to my fish expert husband, Plecky won’t get too much bigger than 3 inches long. Most pleco species get much bigger, however, so it’s important to do your research before bringing home one of these cute little guys!

8 thoughts on “Plecky the Pleco

  1. Oh man, that brings back memories of when I was a child. A family friend had a catfish that would just sit on the front of the tank like that and I was fascinated with it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. I couldn’t help but think of a guy I knew in the Navy named Pelky. When asked how anyone could be named “Pelky” he replied that at Ellis Island the official couldn’t pronounce Peletere, so shortened it for his own ease. Gotta love bureaucrats.

  3. I love Plecky too. I posted about him on my aquarium forum. He’s adorable. I have one of those common plecos that can get to be 20″ or more. I didn’t know that when I got him. Anyway, I do have him in a 125 gallon tank, so I guess he’ll be okay.

  4. Wow! Thank you for posting about Plecky on your forum, Gloria. I would love to have a link when you get a chance. (Followed your homepage link and found it.) And hooray for your giving that common pleco such a great home. Too many plecos end up in too-small tanks because fish stores don’t give people good information.

    I’m jealous of your 125-gallon tank. Anna is generously letting me set up a 55-gallon tank in the living room of our little apartment. I am having enough trouble deciding which fish/plants I’d like to put in that tank. I’d have even more thinking to do with a 125.

  5. I love plecos! We have a large one, who started out at two inches. Hoover is now about a foot long! He takes his worm cubes from my fingers and lets me know he’s hungry by staring at my pointedly. Your little guy is so pretty! I love the markings and bumps and stuff on Hoover. Very interesting little guys.

  6. Hi Anna,
    Hi John!
    I’m here looking at Plecky because of the Woodins on Knitty, but I couldn’t resist him…first thing I looked at as soon as I got here! Actually, I was hoping he would be knitted. Any chance? I’ll look around. You may already have him.
    I currently have 4 tanks set up. My largest is a 58 gallon and has housed a 10″ pleco. No, I didn’t do my research!
    Anyway, John, while you’re deciding plants and fish, don’t forget driftwood. My favorite place is Aquarium Driftwood. Nope, not affiliated, just love their product. Good luck.

  7. samm — Thank you very much for the compliment on Plecky. I’d love it if he would eat out of my hand like yours. He turns up his nose (literally) at pretty much everything I feed him, from algae wafers to fresh zucchini to worms, etc. I have tried everything. He just lets the food sit in the tank; he would rather eat algae and microscopic critters off the glass and rocks in the tank. This is pretty standard for rubbernoses, but still. I wish he’d take a nibble just to humor me.

    Sharon — Four tanks! Sounds like fun.

    I have been asking Anna to make a knitted Plecky for as long as I have had him. I’m so glad to see your comment so she can see there is demand for a plush pleco out there!

    The driftwood in my 30-gallon tank is from Aquarium Driftwood, and I’ll be getting a piece from them for my 55 as well. I agree that they are the best. They dig up some beautiful pieces. The price is right, too.

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