Things for Plush You

I recently finished up my pieces for the Plush You show in Seattle, which I’m very excited about being a part of. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I ended up going with a theme of “infestations.”


Squirrel-Infested Tree
5.5″ tall


Fungus-Infested Finger (Shh! They’re sleeping under there.)
7″ long


Rat-Infested Garbage
6″ wide

All three pieces are entirely one-of-a-kind. You can see them in person (and purchase them, if you’re so inclined) at Plush You this October!

Update 8/22/07: Yay—the sleeping fungus family was just featured on the Craft blog! Thanks, Natalie!!

11 thoughts on “Things for Plush You

  1. Oh my, they’re all so cute but at the same time… That finger nail one is rather disturbing! -In the best way possible, of course. ;)

  2. your creativity is so inspiring. I love that these pieces are so unique because of the small touches you put on them like the sleeping hat on the fungi that makes it…no so threatening to have lurking under your toe.

  3. aaaw! look at the baby rats!
    and the sleepy fungi!
    and the marauding squirrelies!

    infestations are soooo adorable in mochimochiland… :D

  4. Oh these are wonderful how super creative!!!! they are each so unique!!!! and congrats being on the craft blog!! awesome!! Hugs Linda

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