Another Bizarre Dead Celebrity-Inspired Sweater Book from Japan

On Saturday I went to the New York Book Off, a used book store chain that’s all over Japan. Entering the store was eerily like stepping into Japan itself—it was dead quiet inside, the customers all standing with good posture and silently thumbing through paperbacks.

The eeriness of it all made me not want to stick around for long, but I did manage a fantastic knitting-related find before making a break for it.


Yes, from the same people who brought you the 1998 John Lennon Sweater Book, it’s the 1999 James Dean Reminiscent Sweater Story! Yes, that’s really what it’s titled.

As with the Lennon sweater pattern book, I don’t presume to know the knitwear preferences of Mr. Dean, but I think he was just a bit too cool for some of these sweaters.


I guess this is one he might have worn to his orienteering club.

But this book had some savvy editors – notice the subtle placement of the matches and cigarettes in the lower right corner—yes, now I can totally see James Dean wearing this very rebellious sweater.

Here, though, I think they went a little too far with the suggestive props:


At least it’s a really fake-looking knife. And I guess the sweaters are better this time too.

This one is a bit more atmospheric:


It’s like, “hey, baby—hows about we share a Coke-a-Cola, then go for a spin on my tractor?” (Sure, James Dean, as long as those are cigarettes in your pocket, and not knives!)

OK, just one more—here is a sweater James Dean might have worn if he were… um, invited to tea with John Lennon?


(Notice the pastel tea set.)

And of course, no dead celebrity-inspired sweater pattern book would be complete without an ad for the dead celebrity-inspired special-edition yarn.


What a tribute.

This thought-provoking book will go to my mother-in-law, or maybe to the highest bidder.

3 thoughts on “Another Bizarre Dead Celebrity-Inspired Sweater Book from Japan

  1. These books really make you think, eh? Like what was the thought process to even print them? I wish I could read them because I might be missing the key to whole deal!! I am so loving these books; what a great find!

  2. While the art direction is supper strange & creepy, I actually LOVE the first sweater!

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