Almost a Quilt

Fall is the season for trying something new. For me, new beginnings this fall will be finally mastering crochet (or at least amigurumi), finally getting a New York driver’s license (just a matter of paperwork and waiting in line, but a challenge to get up the energy to do it, nontheless), and finally learning how to use my sewing machine.


My lovely mother-in-law and giver of said sewing machine came down for a visit this weekend, armed with little squares of fabric (which she had purchased in a cute little kit on Etsy) and an entire roll of batting. It was time to face the machine, unlike that last time, when it was only time to think about facing the machine.

“C’mon, kids in China use these things all day long,” she assured me. Well, I can show those precocious child-laborers what’s what, I thought, and so I hunkered down and churned out this little number in two days:


This was before ironing the front flat and adding the back, but I was rather pleased by my progress by this afternoon, when the light was good for picture taking. (Not all the squares perfectly lined up, but I’ve decided not to care about that.) I now have it almost entirely done, and I’m sure it will make a good gift for somebody’s baby someday. At the moment, I don’t know any babies.

I was actually so excited about my now-remedial sewing machine abilities that I ran out and got yards and yards of yummy fabric at Purl Patchwork today too. The next one will be grownup size, and just for me!

One new beginning down, two to go.

5 thoughts on “Almost a Quilt

  1. Good for you! You’re lucky to have someone to coach and support you. I too am wanting to get into quilting, and I’ve been inspired by Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Patchwork. Amazing stuff…

  2. Just gorgeous, Anna. Bonney did a great job picking out a color scheme. And I LOVE that your white bars don’t line up. Life doesn’t line up like that. Check out Gee’s Bend Quilts if you get a chance…

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