Knitted Bonnet

In other non-toy-related craft news, I noticed that Amy Karol is causing a stir with her sewn bonnet pattern. If bonnets are the new big thing, now seems like the time to share the knitted bonnet I made about a year ago.


This was the very very first thing that I ever designed, when I suddenly got the urge to make a snugly-fitting bonnet. It was so warm and lightweight that I ended up wearing it all winter long.

The close fit makes my hair flare out a little from underneath, but the back is also high enough to accommodate a low bun or ponytail below.


Completing a project that I designed myself and wearing it for months was the best feeling! And I honestly didn’t know the first thing about designing when I started; it was just a matter of measuring and guessing and hoping and redoing. I encourage anyone to give it a try if you have an idea and an ounce of spare time.

12 thoughts on “Knitted Bonnet

  1. Wow, I really like it! Are you thinking about selling the pattern? I can’t wear hats but this would be great for the upcoming cold ear season.

  2. Thank you, it was really fun to make!

    aija, I don’t have any plans to sell the pattern (I basically left it as a bunch of scribbled notes), but it may pop up again someday if I ever get into knitwear. It seems like creating different versions for different sizes would be the biggest challenge—I don’t know how people do it!

  3. I just discovered you through Knitty, and am now a fan! I really like the bonnet and I vote you write it up for sale or whatever. Bonnets, because of the ties, don’t require quite as much sizing, right???

  4. I would love to make and wear that bonnet, and I think with the ties it would fit ‘most anyone. Why don’t you put it up for sale or submit it to Knitty? I found you there and adore your characters now.

  5. Thank you, everyone, for the nice words! It’s awesome to hear that others are into bonnets too.

    Despite the ties, I think the sizing could be a bit of an issue for this one, because it’s quite snug on me, and I think I might have a slightly smaller than average head. But if people are interested, then I will keep this one in mind for a future exercise in sizing.

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