Announcing Ninjabun!


A sneaky bunny just hopped his way into Mochimochi Land—it’s Ninjabun, with his two carrot friends and a knitted garden for them all to hide in!


This pattern promises minutes of interactive fun. Just ask super pattern tester Joan, who uncovered another covert operation in her own yard:


Thank you for another fabulous test, Joan!

Also, I have to thank my wonderful husband John for ANIMATING Ninjabun in the Mochimochi Shop! (How cool is that??)

Update 9/27/07: Yay—Natalie posted about Ninjabun on the Craft blog! Thanks, Nat!

10 thoughts on “Announcing Ninjabun!

  1. Mmmmm I see the next project… the girls are going to love this one too!!!! I wonder if Bob and Nijabun will get along?

  2. john’s animation is both cool AND adorable! you two are so talented!

    and i’m so excited that ninjabun’s secret is finally out… off to flood flickr (and then ravelry!)with pictures of the many many “minutes of interactive fun” i’ve been having with these guys (lucky me!)…. :D

  3. Lovely!

    So glad to have found you on Knitty! Looking through your Flickr page has really brightened my morning. Thank you.

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