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ravelryI am very excited to have just joined the online knitting community that is Ravelry! I kind of feel like the last person ever to receive my invite, but it’s fun to see how much has been going on there already, and it’s awesome to find some Mochimochi Land patterns there as well. (Including several pics of just-made Woodins!)


These little guys were made by Elin.

I’m currently asking the Ravelry people to make my patterns page accessible from my profile (so that I can add photos, new patterns as they become available, etc), so I’m holding off on uploading any projects for now. But I’m eager to see who has been raveling and what they’ve been making, so I hope those of you who have accounts will befriend me! My user name is Mochimochiland.

8 thoughts on “Ravel Me

  1. yay!
    i’m the editor who added your pattern info to ravelry a month or two ago (gah–where has the time gone??). now that you’re on, you’ll want to get jess (frecklegirl) to set you up as a designer–just use the contact link at the bottom of a ravelry page to ask her to do so. that’ll link all those patterns to your profile page and give you control over those patterns from now on. so glad you’re finally there!
    oh–and there’s a ravelry group all about you and your toys–search the forums or groups tab for mochimochiland. we’d love to have you join us! i’ll try to remember to send you an invite to make it easier for you to find us, but you can join even without an invite. we’re all big fans of your designs :)

    on ravelry: lisabee

  2. No, you’re not the last one to be invited. There are still like 10,000 people ahead of me. Sigh. I feel like I’m never getting there. I’m so jealous.

  3. Yay! I now have 35 friends and counting!

    Lisa, Thank you for the invite. And the name of the group is totally flattering!

  4. You’re definitely not the last one. A friend of mine has been waiting for her invite for a while, and last she checked, there were about 11,000 people ahead of her in line.

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