Marc Jacobs Rodent Shoes

I noticed these Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes the other day at Bloomingdale’s:


They have these little rodent faces on them—I think they’re supposed to be mice? Kind of cute, but also kind of creepy with the haircalf uppers. This vegetarian has nothing against wearing leather, but the cute animal faces made out of calf skin and hair is a little too morbid for me.

Kind of like those cat figurines made of rabbit fur, which have the distinction of being both icky and tacky.


11 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Rodent Shoes

  1. now if you hadn’t said rodent I would’ve guessed cow.
    and I am soooo with you on those rabbit hair cats. They freak me out [ and not just because I’m an animal lover / vegetarian ]

  2. I didn’t notice the mice face on the shoes until I read further. I don’t think I would be able to wear soemthing made out of that kind of material either; for a couple of reasons. 1) I am also vegetarian 2) They probably cost a rediculous price.

  3. They look like…whiskered cows. Which is so mindbogglingly creepy that I think I’d buy them if only I wasn’t saving all my money for yarn. :)

  4. 1. eeeeeew, those fur cats are the weirdest thing ever. :p

    2. the nordstrom wedges are adorable! i especially like the tail :D

    3. i think we all need mochimochiland shoes! ;)

  5. haha, those hair animals crack me up, i always see dudes selling them at the flea market along with ornamental bamboo and stuff. sadly i think i may have a hair antelope or two around here somewhere… how did you find out they were made out of rabbit fur? i always thought it was probably rat or squirrel :) i love your knitty pattern i can’t wait to get started on it!

  6. A Holstein rat? Never saw one before. I don’t really get the shoes. I also agree that the cat/rabbit is creepy, and the only good use I’ve seen is that a lot of older people in nursing homes I’ve visited like to pet them. I think it’s comforting. For them.

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