Bonney’s Stash in Let’s Knit!

Let’s Knit is a brand-new knitting magazine from the UK loaded with stylish projects, handy tips, and community news. And I’m thrilled to say that the first issue of the magazine also includes a feature on my lovely mother-in-law’s enormous yarn stash!


Editorial Assistant Sophie Holt’s excellent write-up perfectly captures Bonney’s sense of humor and generous spirit when it comes to her now-legendary stash.

If you haven’t yet, check out my original post about Bonney’s stash from back in July.

A big thank-you to Sophie and Let’s Knit!

7 thoughts on “Bonney’s Stash in Let’s Knit!

  1. Very cool Anna!!! Congrats to your MIL!!!

    But I do have a question… Does she ever knit with it or does she just collect it? I can not believe how much yarn there is! It is simply jawdropping. I am blown away at all that yummy yarn goodness there is and then some and some and some. ;)

  2. Oooh a new UK mag!
    I will have to see if I can find it in Cambridge next week, just the thing to cheer me up after my dentist visit that day LOL.
    Looking forward to reading about your MIL’s stash :)

  3. Hello fellow knitters!! Thank you for your interest in my stash. I want to answer Rebecca’s question about whether I use my stash. The answer is YES!! It’s so much fun to look at a pattern and run off to my room and search for just the right thing. Anna is a big help in my quest to knit from my stash too. She has a great sense of color so she’s helping to draw my interest away from the pinks I’m usually attracted to. I’m very lucky to have a family that loves to joke about my stash while they support it at the same time. It was quite an honor to appear in the first issue of “Let’s Knit”. It looks like a great magazine; lots of color photographs and lots of projects that look like fun. Thanks!

  4. Bonney thanks for answering me. It is all is soooooooo beautiful! Anna is one super duper lucky daughter in law. :)

    I can’t wait to find a copy of Let’s knit here in the states.

  5. I thought I had a stash until I saw yours, Bonney. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I’m new to this blog, so I didn’t see the original post back in July. My friends all think I’m over the top because my hubby rented me a storage space next to his that he uses for business. I have all my yarn stash in there (it’s an 8′ x 12′ space) and my friends are always giving me a hard time about it. I bow to the queen of the stashes. lol

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