Luv-able and Hug-able November 8th!

Are you in the New York area? If so, I SO hope you’ll come to the opening of a fantabulous plush show, Luv-able and Hug-able at gallery hanahou!


This is the gallery that I work at (we opened in November of 2006), and Luv-able and Hug-able will be our most exciting show ever! We have an impressive list of well-known plush artists contributing, as well plushes by nine Japanese artists, who are enormously popular in Japan, but rarely seen outside of their home country.

Amazing new work by:
Angel Oloshove, Anna Chambers, Anna Hrachovec (me!), Betz White, Christina Gordon (jamfancy), Corinne Dean (Not Too Pink), Eloole, Heide Murray (All Good Wishes), Heidi Kenney (My Paper Crane), Hello Brute, I Heart Guts, Kup Kup Land, Lexi Franks (Orangefishy Plush), littleoddforest, Lisa Grue, Lizette Greco + Grecolaborativo, Marcus Oakley, Matt Campbell, Rosa Pomar, Sewn by Blythe, CHiCHiTOHTOH, Chino Akiyoshi, Katsutoshi Otsuka (ToyField), Keiko Miyata, Michiru, Miyoko Ito, Risa Tanikawa, Saki Yamashita, and Yuriko Sera

We’ve been receiving the most incredible plushes by these artists, and I will be sharing some of them here as the opening date approaches.

Toys by me will be lemmings, Rainbow Busters, a desert island, Tubby, and more!

The opening party is November 8th, 6-9 pm, and the show will continue through December 21st. Mark your iCals!

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC
(NW corner of Broadway and Houston, 7th floor of the Cable Building)
Mon-Fri 12-7 pm
Sat 1-6 pm (closed Thanksgiving Weekend)

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  1. SQUEEEE! I so want to go to this show-it sounds like a blast! I hope all the preps go well for it. Congrats, Anna! So, so, cool. You’ll have more fans than ever.

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