hanahou Monsters

These are the first knitted toys that I ever made:


Actually, I just finished making these ones, but I used the very first toy pattern that I designed. That was about a year ago, when we had our first show at gallery hanahou.


See, the toys are in the shape of our gallery logo, so I made these little guys for my coworkers to commemorate our first show. And now I’ve made these new ones for our first-ever plush show!

If they look a little familiar, that’s because they were the inspiration behind the shape of everyone’s favorite Hrumph.


If you’re in NY on Nov. 8th, I hope you’ll come to the opening of our plush show! You can see more details on our gallery website.

3 thoughts on “hanahou Monsters

  1. i love how an abstract shape spurred your creativity to create the hanahou monsters. i think that is the difference between people who just knit items and people who create the items. for instance, i look at the hanahou shape and i see just a black and white drippy blob. i love it when you share your creativity. it jumpstarts my own creative juices.

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