Have you entered the Mochimochi Photo Contest yet?

There’s just a little bit more than a month left to enter your photos of toys you’ve made from Mochimochi Land patterns. And I’ve been getting some great entries!


A duo of Sleepy Snakes with their respective Mischievous Mice were just uploaded today by giolou.

The grand prize, as I’ve mentioned before, is a box full of fun and strange Japanese goodies. Here’s a sneak peek at a tiny bit of what’s in the box!

Crafty goodies…

Little collector toys (which are super popular in Japan)…

A bizarre tarako kewpie keychain…

Mystery toy…

… and much more!

The last day for entries is November 30th, and soon afterward, everyone can vote on their favorite pic! See full contest details here.

5 thoughts on “Prizes!

  1. i feel like i’m swamping the pool… please mochimochilanders, alleviate my guilt with lots and lots of pictures! yay!

  2. Okay, question about the contest rules. Can I submit a photo of mochimochi creatures if they are knitted by Miss Anna herself? If so, Audrey and I need to get going with our gun poses.

  3. Joan, you are not swamping! But yes, we want more entries!

    Christi, after giving the matter much consideration…you totally count, of course. Gun poses please!

  4. Lol Giolou I feel like I am swamping the pool too! I can’t help it, I love taking pictures and knitting Anna’s cute creations. I have seen pictures of Mochi Mochi Land stuff on Ravelry that aren’t in the Flickr group. Come on… post yer stuff people! :)

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