Leaf Impressions


My sister recently moved into a new house, and I got to see it for the first time a week and a half ago. It’s a lovely house, but I was most pleased by the leaf impressions that I noticed in her freshly poured driveway.


Apparently, it was fall when they did the driveway, and falling leaves from nearby trees got in the way of a smooth concrete slab.


I loved how the grain of the driveway and the tire marks looked against the ghost leaves in the afternoon light.


I imagine that after long use of the driveway, the leaf prints will eventually be worn away.

6 thoughts on “Leaf Impressions

  1. They’re very nice; peaceful. Kind of reminds me of an impression that was made in the road nearby when they were resurfacing it; it’s of a snake!!

  2. Thanks for featuring my driveway. Who would have thought that a mistake could be so lovely? Thanks for noticing. Come back soon!

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