Update 10/15/07: Boy, I am pleasantly surprised by all the interest in a Tubby pattern! I’ll get to work on that asap. And I just saw that Michelle linked to Tubby on the Craft blog Thank you, Michelle!

40 thoughts on “Tubby!

  1. Oh my, I love this! But truly, it will never cease to amaze me what incredible softies you dream up and then execute perfectly… Amazing work, as always. :)

  2. So cute! I’ve never knit a toy before but your work and patterns make me want to. After Christmas knitting I will likely give in. I too would like to see this one offered as a pattern.

  3. Awesome! How long does something like this take to go from concept to actual softie , would you say? -M

  4. Wow – that tub looks good enough to dive into!! It makes me think of Lauren Child’s book “I will never ever eat a tomato” and the peas being sold to Charlie’s little sister Lola as martian rain!! Little peas with eyes!

  5. Oh. My freaking. God. As I’m reading this in the tub _right now_, I think that’s an indication that I’d would really love to see this ofered as a pattern. Lovely work, as always!

  6. Ohhhhh- PLEASE sell some of these- I don’t think I can knit well enough to make it, and I want it so—-

  7. goodness, i am so late to add my comment, but here it is:
    wow! he’s amazing! and the bubbles remind me of (very clean) soot sprites… so wonderful, Anna! you make the whole world smile! ;)

  8. You seriously should not be surprised… this is one of the cutest, most inventive knits I’ve ever laid eyes on. Your stuff is so unique, funny and simple, in a way (I mean that as a compliment, of course!). I will definitely be ordering from your pattern shop as soon as I pay all our bills this month. :0)

  9. Love TUBBY! Yes, how long does something like this take you to do? And how long do you think it would take the average knitter using your pattern?

    This might be the cutest creation yet!

  10. ***Love, love, love*** little Tubby and his Bubbly friends!! This is definitely my favorite of all your super delicious patterns. Maybe by the time you pop that pattern out to all of us drooling over it, I’ll have finished a few of the things on my list, and will have the yarn ready and waiting!

    BTW – what yarns did you use for dear Tubby & Bubblies?

  11. Hi everybody!

    THANK YOU for the super nice and flattering comments! I seriously wasn’t expecting such a great reaction to Tubby. But he will be happily added to the Mochimochi Shop sometime soon!

    Sorry I’m a little late on responding to some of the comments (I’m recovering from a very busy trip to Oklahoma), but here goes:

    Gil – thank you for the link! I actually hadn’t visited Wikiknitting, but I already see info on there that will be helpful to me.

    Mary and Leah – I’ve found that the more toys I make, the shorter the time between concept and finished toy. (Tubby took about three days, two of which were devoted to bubbles.) I think this is just due to gaining experience, learning what techniques give me what results, etc. And I’ve been very lucky with things turning out as I wanted them. The really tricky thing nowadays for me is just coming up with new ideas!

    Caya – I don’t normally sell the same toys that I make patterns for, but there’s a possibility that a Tubby might be available for sale at some point. I hope you’ll check back!

    Betsy – I have a relatively big stash of Elann.com Peruvian Highland Wool, so that’s what I used for Tubby, as well as many of the toys I have been making recently. I have acquired a few different yarns lately, though, so maybe those will start popping up in my toys sometime soon.

    So Tubby will be in the works, and I hope you’ll all check back for the pattern. Or, if you aren’t on my mailing list and would like to be added so that you can know right away when Tubby is available, please email info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com.

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