Panda Chair

I thought I was in love with the $10,000 bug lamp that I spotted at Moss a few months ago, but I have just found a new black and white impractical piece of furniture to covet.


I require a panda chair.

This limited edition seat was made exclusively for Moss by the Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and it’s so expensive that the price is only available on request. Notice in the photo above that it was placed next to my beloved bug lamp in the store window. It must be a sign.

If pandas aren’t your thing, the Campana brothers have made chairs out of several other cuddly animals.

There’s the teddy bear chair:


The alligator chair:


And the miscellaneous stuffed animal chair:


I’m still partial to sitting on pandas myself. But only if I can have my bug lamp to coordinate.

8 thoughts on “Panda Chair

  1. Hey, that’s a great idea to recycle those TONS of soft toys everybody keeps giving to the girls… :-D Now to find a way to make a chair out of it..? :-P

  2. I have an office version of this chair! Piles of paper and bills and junk mail. All this time I thought I was messy when I was actually a furniture designer!!

  3. Wow, thank you for the lovely post, mia! Your blog looks awesome—I’ll definitely be visiting regularly.

  4. Every year, Santa gave me (and still gives me) at least one Panda for Christmas. I’m 25. Now I’m actually tempted to get them all from Mom’s house and figure out how to make them into a chair. I don’t suppose you could make a pattern for us? :)

  5. Oh I definetly want the alligator chair, I just have to pop by IKEA to get more alligators and a cheap chair. My husband is not going to like it though. Love your site!

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