Plush You! this Friday


If you’re in the Seattle area this Friday, you must check out the Plush You! show. It’s the annual plush toy show curated by Schmancy, a hip and funky toy store in Seattle. All of the best names in plush art will be there—this is a really big show. And I’m thrilled to say that the show will also include three pieces by me!


They’ll be exhibited at Nancy (Plush You! is actually going to be happening in three locations this year, all relatively close together from what I gather), under my name, Anna Hrachovec. This is one of the few opportunities to purchase something I’ve made, as opposed to a pattern.

The opening is this Friday, October 12th, starting at 5 pm, then the show will run for one month. (I so wish I could make it, but New York has other plans for me.) You can get more information at the official Plush You! blog.

3 thoughts on “Plush You! this Friday

  1. I wish I could attend Plush You! It is sure to be a big show of cute and cuddly things and I can’t wait until some people can post photos so I can live vicariously through them :P. I hope your pieces get a good review from everyone attending. The mouse on the junk pile plush is so cute!

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