New Specs


I’m bringing metal back this season, after five-plus years of wearing plastic. They make me feel both sophisticated and able to see things.

I think I look good in glasses, but not everyone agrees. As an acquaintance in Japan once conversed with me:

“Why do you wear glasses?

“To make me look smart.”

“Most Japanese girls want to look pretty, not smart.”


15 thoughts on “New Specs

  1. that’s hilarious (most girls…).
    i LOVE the new specs. i’m forever gazing at the greener grass in the spectacle shop. i like my current glasses okay, but they’re nothing like as cool as those! would love details on brand or where you found them :)

  2. Hey thanks! These are DKNYs, though I can’t seem to find them on the web…

    I really was expecting to get plastic frames, but they’re all really squarish these days, which doesn’t seem like the best look for me.

  3. Oooh, nice! I love glasses and I have a fair amount of flex left to buy another pair this year. Mine are metal too but are a dark red and are very light.

  4. Thanks, Samm! You’re so sweet.

    They’re not really cold in the morning, since the only parts that touch my skin are the plastic nose pieces and the plastic part in the back that touches my ears. I don’t know about how bend-able they are, and I’m not so eager to test that out!

  5. Nice glasses! I think they suit you quite well. And I very much understand the whole wearing glasses to look smart thing. I switch between contacts and glasses (plastic/metal hybrid frames that kind of look like yours) often, and I definitely pick the glasses when I know I’ll be somewhere official, etc.

  6. You know, you are so obviously smart (but not in an obnoxious way) you don’t really need the glasses. Just five minutes with you should convince people. If they’re smart.

  7. I love your glasses! I too wear them and believe with all my heart and soul that if you’re going to wear them they should be seen! I love picking out frames and walking around waiting for people to tell me how cool they look. Plus whenever I have an interview I always wear them — people trust you if you wear glasses!

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