Hay-Eating Sheep

Our little haystack has attracted some unwanted attention from a hungry sheep!


After the sheep satisfies his appetite and gets a name, he’s hoping to become a pattern in the shop along with his haystack friend.

A few more sheepish views:




28 thoughts on “Hay-Eating Sheep

  1. I LOVE this! The pair of them are adorable together – please do publish a pattern!

    They would be perfect additions to the collection of cute and weird desk toppers my mom has :)

  2. Hayden’s pretty cute, Kate – thanks for the suggestion! Now we just need a name for the sheep…

  3. There are so many good names for a sheep (though I have to keep my head away from the Wallace and Grommit references).

    Maybe the little sheepkin could be a Bertha? (I want to call it Winifred, but I use that name for a lot of things.)

  4. The only thing better would be seeing a complete flock of them together! From the side, methinks he slightly resembles Oklahoma’s state highway animal.

  5. Thanks for the sheep name suggestions, everyone! I’m thinking we just might make her a girl and call her Harriet. You know, because she’s hairy… kind of.

  6. Hayden and Shiloh… Shep… Sydney… Payton.. Betty.. oh the mind is going on names now… at least it is better than what has been on it lately! lol

  7. Do Want. (to quote the ubiquitous LOLcats).

    That sheep is so cute…are you going to do her and the haystack as a package deal?

    I could see a whole flock of little sheep under the Christmas tree…

  8. Holy MOLY those are sooo cute! I saw Mr. Haystack earlier and checked back for the sheep. I absolutely LOVE them and totally want to make some!

  9. Oh my god I LOVE those!!! I can’t wait until they’re in the shop! As for their names…um…maybe Ewenice for the sheep? Again, they’re SO, SO, CUTE!

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