A Mochimochi Tea Party

One week left to enter the Mochimochi Photo Contest! The grand prize box is busting with cool Japanese toys, stationery, craft goodies, and more, and I’m planning some fun runners-up prizes as well.

Here is an awesome unofficial entry from my mother-in-law Bonney:


While the rest of us were enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, the Mochimochi Land toys were having a tea party! (That blurry-looking guest is a big secret, to be revealed sometime early next year.)

I wonder what they discuss over tea? They’re probably gossiping about Bob’s unsanitary origins, Pepto’s unhealthy antacid habit, and that suspicious Ninjabun who recently moved into town.

6 thoughts on “A Mochimochi Tea Party

  1. Wow! That is a heck of a lot of grass!

    I’m going to start my first Mochimochi pattern next week (after I finish knitting these squares). I’m just debating grass versus Bob. They’re all too cute!

  2. I am on my toes with anticipation of what is behind the blurred spot! Lovely tea party Anna and Bonney! :)

  3. How Cute!! I can’t wait to see what “blurry” is going to be.
    Have to start knitting another snake for a present, but after that I want to knit some ninjabuns!

  4. ha ha ha! i just realized they are only talking about Mochimochi-landers who aren’t present… lol! what a bunch of gossips! :D

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