A Year of Knitting Toys

About a year ago (a bit less) I started this blog, so the beginning 2008 marks roughly a year of knitting toys and getting other people to do the same. It was such a great year!

(Mountain Man, one of the first toys I knitted)

Thank you to everyone who helped me, inspired me, or just visited Mochimochi Land over the past year. Let’s make 2008 even more toy-rific!

9 thoughts on “A Year of Knitting Toys

  1. Congratulations! I check here every day to see what’s new, and enjoy your patterns immensely. My little grandboy, five months old,LOVED his Bob that I knit him for Christmas!!! He knew right away what to do with Bob, and popped that long “nose” right into his mouth for a long chew. Bobs are perfect for teething babies!!!

  2. Wow! I had no idea this blog was only a year old! People have really taken to it and your designs! (Not that you should be surprised; they’re fabulous!)

  3. Happy Blogiversary! My first two Bobs have been delivered to appreciative little cousins, and I’m looking forward to knitting them more of your great designs.

  4. Anna, thanks for sharing your talent with the world! It’s funny, because while I was watching the Rose Parade with family today, I suddenly blurted out, “I need to log on to Mochimochi Land soon and get another knitting pattern.” I didn’t (yet . . .), but your patterns are very addictive! Thanks again! :)

  5. Aw, Happy New Year Anna! Here’s to more toys and greater publicity and success to you! MochiMochiLand had really grown and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished!

  6. You are now my hero! Love your knitted toys…must refrain from making them for a while, but the knitted hearts are going to be made for Valentine’s day!

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