Snails vs. Slugs: The Great Foot Race


For their first competition, the snails and slugs engage in a race to the the end of the log.


There doesn’t seem to be a clear winner, so I’m calling it a tie.


The real slackers were hiding out under the log.


UPDATE 1/3/08: Thank you to the Craft Blog for featuring Snails vs Slugs!

20 thoughts on “Snails vs. Slugs: The Great Foot Race

  1. I have no idea how long the snail vs slug log race took you, but IT ROCKS! You are brilliant Anna. If anything, this FO is just a foreshadowing of all the amazingness that will be Mochimochi Land in the year of 2008. Applause all around for Anna!

  2. Oohmygosh, I’ll no longer yank the slugs and snails off my lettuce and tomatoes. These little guys are deserving of respect, even if they can’t go forward in a straight line. Hoorah for cute garden pests! You just might change the ecological balance, Anna!

  3. Will this become a pattern? Are slugs related to roly-polys, the first nature toy of every Southern toddler? Great creations!

  4. Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments! I’m planning on doing two more “Snails vs. Slugs” pieces, for a series of three. And the little guys will also be a free pattern sometime soon.

  5. Lol! I love it. I still maintain the slugs will win (will have won?) such a competition. It looks great, though, and is super fun and imaginative!

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! DIEing of delight. ack ack. aaaa. must have this in my life! hint hint, joanie ;)

  7. OMG – this s too funny!!! Especially the slackers hiding under the log – I just love it! Can’t wait to see the pattern! :-)

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