Semifinalists, Round Two

Thank you to everyone who rooted for their favorite photos from yesterday’s first round of semifinalists! It’s really fun to read all the different perspectives on what makes a winning photo, and your input is certainly helping me narrow down the candidates.

Today I’m thrilled to present (again, in no particular order), the next 10 of 20 semifinalists for the Mochimochi Photo Contest. Please help out again by campaigning for your favorites!

After hearing your thoughts on the second batch, I’ll have the difficult job of selecting the 10 finalists. Then it’s up to you all again, when we’ll have the official vote at the end of the week.

And without further ado…

UPDATE 12/12/07: I’ve taken the images in this post down to save bandwidth, but you can still click on the links to see the photos!

Woodins Frolicking in Clover by evergreenknits
These little Woodins have found the perfect spot to play. How cute!

Bob Family by Knittygirlie
John pointed out to me how much this looks like a K-Mart family portrait. I can’t get over how funny and adorable it is.

Pepto the Elephant on a swing by mikkers!
Pepto is just waiting for someone to come and give him a big push! A great expression and nice colors.

Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur
This incredible landscape is how one knitter imagines Mochimochi Land to look. (And now it’s how I imagine it too!)

bff by sprytaen
A Heart and dog combo that couldn’t be sweeter. This pet is loved!

roasting marshmallows… by britegreenstar
Little did we know that after we go to bed, our Bobs while away the nighttime hours roasting Q-tip marshmallows and telling ghost stories…

Snake eating Mouse by Dknits
The annoyed look on Mouse’s face is just precious.

Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie
Boy, this Ninjabun’s got more tricks up his sleeve than anyone suspected (least of all the unfortunate wrangled carrot)!

time to move on by giolou
An excellently framed scene in which Thurman the Evolving Punk reflects back on his slimy origins.

Festive Mochimochi Land Reindeer by tezzcan
This tiny reindeer couldn’t be more decked out for the holidays. (I bet he’s already got all of his Christmas shopping done too, the little brat!)

Let us know who your favorites are in the comments, and be sure to come back in a day or so for the final vote!

58 thoughts on “Semifinalists, Round Two

  1. 1: Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie
    2: Bob Family by Knittygirlie
    3: roasting marshmallows… by britegreenstar
    4: Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur


  2. Wow! The Mochimochiland scene is beautiful! Then the marshmallows and let’s don’t forget the puppy!! I missed the pattern for that one……

  3. The one’s I love are, bff, Bob Family and Good Job Ninjabun! They are all amazing! Though I have to say I definatly liked this second batch a little better than the first batch, the first batch was still great! I didn’t get my Uh-Oh’s done in time to enter but I don’t think I could have come anywhere close to these amazing photos!! I’m definately inspired to knit my Sleepy Snake though!!

  4. I thought that Mochimochi landscape was beautiful, thoughtful, and very hard to put together using many of the patterns. It reminded me of a Mochimochi Starry night. The marshmallow roasting guys are my second fave. Good luck narrowing them down~

  5. Again, not necessarily in order.
    1. Mochimochi Land scene is fabulous fiber art! I wish I could see it in person…
    2. Roasting Marshmallows – amazingly creative, and the little campfire light really sets the mood.
    3. Good Job Ninjabun. This is a truly hilarious little story!

    In terms of pure photo quality (and cuteness!) I can’t ignore BFF and Time to Move On either. Too hard to choose! Giolou has another amazing photo which I can’t believe didn’t make it to the finals – Ninjabun being stealthy at night. Go check it out!

  6. cspooks, are you referring to Victory! by giolou? If so, yes that’s a GREAT photo. Giolou has so many funny ones – this is why I need help from all of you!

  7. They are all so good! In no particular order my favorites are:

    Mochimochiland scene
    Good job Ninjabun!
    Woodins Frolicking in Clover
    Festive Mochimochi Land Reindeer

  8. I like Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie and Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur in no particular order! :)

  9. Today I love:

    The bob family
    The doggy pic, and
    Ninjabun Salad!

    Yesterday I love:

    Rainycloud, and
    How Ninjabun was fooled

    The others are amazing of course, but that is my top six!

  10. If it’s possible, the choice was even harder this time! I could have easily picked over half of them. (I’ll stick to three.)

    (1) Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie
    (2) bff by sprytaen
    (3) Woodins Frolicking in Clover by evergreenknits

  11. It’s so hard to choose! I really like the Bob Family and the Ninjabun. They are both very good at setting a scene and feel like they are telling a story.

  12. wow, this is hard. so many great photos!

    I think these are my favorites:

    Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie
    Ninjabun has mad skillz, but the poor carrots! I clicked over to see the rest of the story on flickr and yikes! carrots in a jar! skeleton carrot! yesterday’s Grass dressed as a carrot is my hero!

    Bob Family by Knittygirlie
    I love the way these are posed so that you can even get a feel for their individual personalities!
    I lovee the Bob-searching-for-a-friend series. now he has a whole family! he looks tired, like he got more than he bargained for, but he loves them all.

  13. I vote for Bob Family, Carrot in Salad, and the puppy with the heart.

    I like the bob family because it is my bob family that I play with. I like the carrots in the salad because it is cute and silly. I like the heart with the puppy because it really really cute.

  14. I vote for the Bob Family because they are so cute together. I also vote for Ninjabun and Carrots because I like it that they are in a salad together. And last I vote for the Evoling Punk because I like how he is coming out of the swamp.

  15. Roasting Marshmallows was really creative, good work.

    Second choice would be the Frolicking in Clover picture.

  16. Hi all,

    A problem with one of our anti-spam plug-ins may have kept you from posting comments in the past couple of hours. It’s been fixed now, so keep your favorites coming — it’s a lot of fun to see which ones people choose!


  17. I really enjoy the Roasting Marshmallows scene; it reminds me of past summer camping trips, and I’m a big fan of Bobs.

    As an aside, it suddenly struck me that if you built a Bob around a hollow form with a hole in the top, you could make a Bob-bank. The Woodins might make fun of his increasing weight; but with a stylish top hat and bellyfull of change, he doen’t have to worry about the taunts of the proles.

    Mochimochi land scene also goes hardcore with the yarn background, nice.

  18. Oh this round was harder! My choices are in no particular order (I couldn’t decide):
    1. Woodins Frolicking in Clover
    2. Pepto the Elephant on Swing
    3. Mochimochi Land Scene
    4. BFF
    5. Festive Mochimochi Land Reindeer

    So much cuteness! Look at how creative all us knitters are! Go knitters!

  19. For batch #2:

    -“Good job Ninjabun!” by Knittygirlie

    -“roasting marshmallows…” by britegreenstar

    -“bff” by sprytaen

    -“Mochimochi Land Scene” by jenifleur

    -“time to move on” by giolou

    Can’t wait to find out who the winner is!

  20. Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie
    roasting marshmallows… by britegreenstar
    Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur

  21. Hope I’m not too late…here are my two favorites:

    – Good job Ninjabun! by Knittygirlie (for the clever scenery)
    – roasting marshmallows… by britegreenstar (for the cleverness of Q-tip marshmallows)

  22. This is in response to Anna’s question. The photo of Gioulou’s that I referred to is ‘Already Having Fun!’. Sorry I don’t know how to link to it!

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