Time to VOTE!

UPDATE: The polls have closed. Thank you for your votes—now, stay tuned for the winners!

UPDATE 12/14/07: I’ve taken the images in this post down to save bandwidth, but you can still click on the links to see the photos.

The polls are now officially open for the Mochimochi Land Photo Contest!!! Thanks to your help this week, we’ve narrowed the photos down to 10 outstanding finalists.

John was clever enough to rig it up so that you can vote for as many photos as you want! You only get one ballot (no ballot-box stuffing!), but you can vote for your 3 favorites, or 4 favorites, or even more if you’d like.

Just check the box next to each photo you’d like to cast a vote for, and then click the “Submit Your Votes!” button at the bottom of this post.

The photos are listed in random order. Also, we selected no more than one photo per person for the finalists, so if one of your favorite photos from the semifinals isn’t here, that’s maybe why.

Now let’s all be good citizens of Mochimochi Land and vote! Then, check back early next week to see the winners.

time to move on by giolou

A cloud on the horizon by knitfaced

How Ninjabun was Fooled by snuffykin

Colorful Woodins by staveitoff

Bob in the wild by lizzie j b

bff by sprytaen

roasting marshmallows… by britegreenstar

Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur

Snake and Mouse nature scene by neferstie

Snake & Mouse Dia De Los Muertos Altar by knittygirlie

9 thoughts on “Time to VOTE!

  1. lol. congrats to john for his excellent computer skills! Geekery + knitting = excellent execution!

    Narrowing down my top three choices was so hard! I think this knitting race will be a nail biter :).

  2. The first time I saw Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur, I thought: this contest is already won–all the time that went into setting up the wool roving–wow! But congratulations to ALL of the finalists! :)

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