The votes are in for the Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Each of the 10 finalists received a hefty number of votes, but we had three clear top photos.

But first, I would like to again thank everyone who participated in the contest, as well as everyone who voted. This was so much fun! We do plan on holding another contest sometime next year—perhaps one with a few categories—so don’t despair if you missed the boat this time.

And here, in ascending order, are the top three winners in the photo contest:

Third place goes to A cloud on the horizon by knitfaced!
Yay! You will receive a $10 gift certificate to Mochimochi Land.

Second place goes to Snake & Mouse Dia De Los Muertos Altar by knittygirlie!
Whoopee! You will receive a box of mochi! Well, technically it’s called Kamakuranone, a sticky rice and sweet bean confection from Japan.

Also, you’ll get a $15 gift certificate to Mochimochi Land.

And finally, with 238 votes, first place goes to Mochimochi Land Scene by jenifleur!


Congratulations, jenifleur! You will receive the grand prize box of craft books, toys, and other cool miscellany from Japan.

You’ll also get a $20 gift certificate to Mochimochi Land.

Thus concludes the first-ever Mochimochi Photo Contest. I hope everyone found it as fun and inspiring as I did!

13 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Congratulations to the winners!!! Way to go! It was a great contest, speaking as a voter only. Next time, perhsps I’ll enter!

  2. What a great contest! It was so much fun to see everyone’s creativity; everyone did a great job!

  3. Wow – I have to admit I am experiencing crazy-Japanese-stuff envy! Seriously though, congratulations to the well-deserving winners!

  4. Grats to the winners! Such super creative ideas.

    And hurray to Anna for the picture of the display case at Minamoto Kitchoan!!! Just looking at your picture makes me drool.

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