15 thoughts on “Snails vs. Slugs

  1. Oh my! So cute! And I wish you had the pattern for sale ;) I have to knit a slug for my DH’s Uncle for Christmas. I’m trying to make one work, but it’s not anywhere resembling a slug :P

  2. I love snails! I used to have pet snails! Oh, I love them so much. i love everything you make, though. This is not surprising.

  3. Anna, these gave me an idea for a pattern for you . . . I really like your patterns where two things are linked into one (like the snake and mouse, and the uh-ohs). How about a knitted hermit crab with interchangeable shells? Knitters could use whatever yarns they wanted for the shells, and make a bunch, similar to how people who own hermit crabs keep a lot of shells on hand. This probably sounds a little goofy when typed out, but might be very cute! :) (And I don’t even have hermit crabs! ;))

  4. Great idea, Melissa! It’s actually not far from what I was thinking for the snails and slugs, which will be a free pattern sometime soon. The possibilities in snail shell colors are endless, and a snail without a shell is a cute little slug!

    Unfortunately, hermit crabs aren’t so cute to me. The first time I met one, it gave me a LONG, HARD pinch….

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