The Saddest Holiday Display

Last Sunday I took a walk through midtown to check out some of the big department store holiday displays. On my way up Park Avenue I came across the most pathetic holiday window display I’ve ever seen, at a Duane Reade pharmacy.


You’d wish that Frosty could have at least waited until after Christmas to die.

20 thoughts on “The Saddest Holiday Display

  1. thanks so much for posting this. I laughed out loud! and am just about to show it to my husband to see if it gets the same response! ha ha ha ha ha (instead of ho ho ho ho ho)

  2. Anna, This really did make me laugh!! I’m not sure why someone wasted 2 minutes out of their obviously busy day to arrange this.

  3. Actually, that big toothbrush in the background is even more depressing to me; I could make myself believe that Frosty’s merely napping, or perhaps sleeping off a gingerbread bender.

    But that toothbrush; it’s like “Merry Christmas! Don’t forget that all those sweets will mean more time at the dentist’s in the future!”

  4. How about the dangers of Xmas-related tooth decay looming in the background? That;’s enough to make any snowman want to top himself off! Nothing like other people’s / places’ depression to make you forget your own, ey? :D

  5. Oh my goodness I can’t stop giggling over this post. You can just hear the “pooft” noise followed by absolute silence when that snowman kicked it.

  6. If I was living in a world of Dental Hygiene Disco, I’d keel over too. The other snowman is smiling like he might have had something to do with it, though. There may be more to this story than we’ll ever know.

  7. Poor Poor Frosty’s pal! Dead before Christmas. I really think he died of shame being thrust into such a pathetic attempt at decorating.

  8. That giant toothbrush mural is the thing I noticed first. With the angle, it’s almost like the mutant toothbrush offed Frosty. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Are you sure the snowman is dead? He might have been drinking the giant bottle of mouthwash that goes with the toothbrush. A Scope bender could effect your equilibrium. My prognosis is not dead, but scope-faced.

  10. It actually looks like the snowman on the left kicked the other snowman’s butt, and is standing back looking pretty proud of himself now.

    (Or, am I reading too much into this now?)

  11. I am so happy to see other people as warped as me…………too funny.
    It looks like the snowman got taken out by the big alien toothbrush. LOL

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