Bonney’s Post-Holiday Holiday Gift Pics

As soon as we arrived in New Hampshire this weekend to visit my husband’s parents, my mother-in-law was eager to show off some deeply discounted holiday gifts she recently picked up at CVS.

She bought them not because she thought they would make great stocking stuffers for Xmas 08, but because she thought they were utterly ridiculous and didn’t have her cell phone with her at the drugstore to take photos of them. So she purchased them for our amusement.

Bonney really should have a blog of her own, but because she doesn’t, it’s up to me to share these gems with a wider audience.


Here we have a gift set for the person who has everything. Everything, that is, except for a candle that doubles as hand lotion (??), packaged with (of course) a CD of “fresh, easy-listening contemporary” holiday music.


Just burn, pour, and uh… moisturize. Try to remember to stick that order, I guess.

Here’s another one that I’m sure many people have already seen, but I just can’t get over how lame it is.


There are probably hordes of Sportscenter fans who jumped at the chance to own this electronic Hallmark “Keepsake” ornament, but I would rather get paid to advertise on my tree, instead of the other way around. The thing came with batteries, but we don’t have the stomach to insert them and see what noises it emits.

10 thoughts on “Bonney’s Post-Holiday Holiday Gift Pics

  1. Hahaha thank you so much for the morning laugh! I must agree with you – Bonney’s blog would be a hit if she ever agreed to write one. The picture of the model pouring the candle “wax” on her hands and “moisurizing” them made me cringe. I’ve spilled hot candle wax on myself one too many times to ever fall for that ploy!

  2. That candle-moisturizer thing makes me think of all kinds of bad movie associations…wasn’t there a bit in 9 1/2 Weeks involving candle wax? And of course there’s the old “It puts the lotion on its skin…”

  3. Ok, I have to admit, my husband (THE SportsCenter addict) has that ornament. We buy each other an ornament every year that we think fits the other, so that our tree is personalized. Well………

    Yeah, he got the sportscenter ornament. Sorry to say.
    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  4. Ha! I’m glad you admitted your SportsCenter purchase, Sarah. If it made your husband happy, that’s all that matters, of course. (Mine has the show on right now, in fact…)

  5. I got one of those lotion candles for Christmas! They smell very nice, but the lotion aspect is…questionable.

  6. Wow, I’m excited that we found a recipient of the candle/lotion combo! What I really want to know is—do you listen to your holiday CD as you burn the candle??

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