One-Of-A-Kind Knitted Pieces Now Available

I haven’t yet had a chance to add these to the shop, but three of my one-of-a-kind knitted pieces are now available for purchase.

Title: Fungus-Infested Finger
Size: Approx. 7″ long
Price: $45 + shipping and handling

Title: Rat-Infested Garbage
Size: Approx. 6″ wide
Price: $55 + shipping and handling

Title: The Rainbow Busters Combat Color Pollution

Size: Approx. 10″ long and 9″ tall
Price: $90 + shipping and handling

Each of these is completely original—I just made one of each, and no pattern exists for them. Please email me at if you’re interested in purchasing.

8 thoughts on “One-Of-A-Kind Knitted Pieces Now Available

  1. Whoever buys these will be one lucky person! Who knows, years from now these pieces might be priceless, yeah? :)

  2. Your creativity knows no bounds. A fungus infested finger! Garbage! Pollution! So hilarious, and so incredibly well made. You (and Mochimochi Land) are AWESOME.

  3. I want them. I want each of them, and I want patterns to replicate them. I want the world to be infested with your sculptures. And I want your talent and creativity.

  4. You guys are too nice! I’m hoping to do more of these bizarre knitted sculptures, if I can get beyond fungus and garbage and pollution…

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