Announcing Butterfull!


Just two days left until spring is officially here, and Mochimochi Land is getting a head start with a brand-new pattern: Butterfull, the world’s fattest butterfly!

Butterfull knits up quickly, with techniques including i-cord, mattress stitch, and duplicate stitch. And nothing says “spring” like a bouquet of dead flowers, right?


You can buy the pattern as a PDF download here!

12 thoughts on “Announcing Butterfull!

  1. Poor guy…it’s not easy being the world’s fattest butterfly! I’m sure everyone at mochimochi land will help him feel better about himself! Very cute..yet again.

  2. Oooh, the dead flowers look soooo sad. I want to make them with wire through the i-cord and a happy face. And maybe wire through the edges of the petals took, so I can turn them into buds, and then flower them slowly!

  3. I love your blog and your patterns. I watch what you do with awe. Unfortunately, I am really disappointed by this. Basically this pattern is saying, “You, fat butterfly, are disgusting. For god’s sake, go on a diet before you sit on something else and kill it.”

    As someone in recovery from bulimia. I am trying to fight the messages society gives us every day that fat (any amount of it) is disgusting. I am so sad to see this here.


  4. I agree with Faith – I think it’s sending a bad message. The big butterfly would have been cute on its own.

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