Mochimochi Land Patterns Now Available at Wholesale!


I’m now offering printed versions of Mochimochi Land patterns to yarn shops and other wholesale buyers! The patterns are printed in full-color on card stock, with step-by-step instructions and photos. Please email me at for more details.

If you or someone you love has a yarn store, I hope you’ll consider carrying Mochimochi Land patterns!

13 thoughts on “Mochimochi Land Patterns Now Available at Wholesale!

  1. SWEET! I’m letting my LYS know right away! (Although I still say you should try publishing a book of your toy patterns!) :D

  2. Your knitted toys are absolutely fantastic. I saw your little clip on the Martha Show and I don’t know why Martha didn’t bump all her guests and do a long segment with you and your adorable creations. Good luck with your expanding business!

  3. Aw thank you, everyone, for spreading the Mochimochi love! I know lots of people like to buy printed patterns along with yarn, so I’m hoping to make that possible for more people.

    As of now, you can find my patterns in just a few yarn shops scattered across the country, but once I have more I’ll probably add a list of stockists on my website.

  4. How did you do it? I mean, specifically, how are you getting hard copies printed out. I want to be able to (eventually) sell my patterns both online as downloads and in a local LYS. I’d love some advice. :)

  5. Can mere mortals like me buy a set of cards directly from you? I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m pre-internet, a Luddite, so even though I know it’s illogical, I actually prefer buying printed patterns to purchasing electronic copies.

  6. Hi Eva, I’ll probably be sticking with just the downloads on my own site for the time being, but I expect that soon there will be a retailer offering my printed patterns for purchase online. When that happens, I’ll definitely let you know!

    And of course, if you have a LYS you’d like to contact about carrying my patterns, that would be great!

  7. Hi! We’d be tickled pink to carry your patterns in our shop. One of my customers brought your site to my attention then I fell in love with these characters.

    Please send w/s info.

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