Off-Brand Play-Doh

My husband and I bought some “Super Soft Dough” a few weeks ago to entertain our 3-year-old nephew, who was coming to visit for the evening. It turned out to be a success, keeping him entertained for a full 10 minutes out of the 4 hours or so that he was here.

I’ve since been the one to get the most entertainment out of the stuff, which has suddenly become my new favorite medium. (We kept it here, since our nephew tactfully declared “I have lots of this at my house,” when John presented it as a gift.) I love several things about it: it smells nice, it dries quickly, so you have to do something with it right away instead of sitting back and thinking about what you’re going to make, and the neon colors are fab.

Last night I made some nature scenes with it—I liked the effect of landscapes and animals in blindingly hot colors. Tonight I made a swimming pool.


It’s a fun way to brainstorm without the scariness of a blank page, and really relaxing too, since you can only have so much control over the crumbly substance. I recommend picking some up the next time you pass by a toy store, if you don’t already have some.

4 thoughts on “Off-Brand Play-Doh

  1. Very neat! I bet that will be a great brainstorming tool for you, and those colours are great! I haven’t played with modelling clay in a long time. I might just have to take your advice! :D

  2. Play doh is awesome. A couple years ago my boyfriend and I bought a playdoh fun factory on a whim because we missed the stuff. Trust me it was worth every penny :-)

  3. Anna, Did you create little scenes like this when you were a child? I can just imagine you making cute clay animals, trees, and funny people.

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