Chicken Legs

I came across the most incredible blog the other day. Gardienne, who made the happy snails and slugs I posted here a little while ago, has been documenting the adventures of a pair of knitted chicken legs that came from the Which Came First pattern. In her first post, she says, “a pair of chicken legs stitched into my life and demanded attention.”


So far, we’ve seen the Chicken Legs make friends with Gardienne’s cats, attend a hockey tournament, and enjoy a cup of coffee.


I love this blog! The chicken legs are so silly, but it also seems almost perfectly normal that they would get up and walk around on their own. Why shouldn’t they have their own blog? I’m now a regular reader, so here’s hoping Gardienne keeps it up!

Update: CRAFT magazine just featured the Chicken Legs blog on the CRAFT blog! How cool is that? These are some famous chicken legs!

5 thoughts on “Chicken Legs

  1. This is such a great idea! What a laugh I’ve had imagining chicken feet in my life too. :) Clever clever knitter.

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