Saturday was gorgeous in New York, a perfect day for the Hell’s Kitchen flea market. There were fewer vendors than the last time I went, but I still found a treasure: a rubber cat!


It’s approximately the size of a real cat, so I’m keeping it on the floor until I get a real cat. (Someday I will have a real cat.)

As a bonus, it has creepy dolly eyes that blink when you tilt the cat.


According to the imprint on his underside, Rubbercat was made in 1960. He has a small tear also on his belly, and he could use a washing, but I think he looks pretty good for 48 years old and ten bucks!

14 thoughts on “Rubbercat

  1. OMG!!! I *had* one of those when I was little. I loved it…until the dog decided it was a giant chewie toy…and that was the end of my kitty. :(

  2. Oh that’s so cool! It did seem kind of like a cross between a kids’ toy and a dog toy, so I’m saddened but not surprised that that’s how your cat met its end…

  3. The eyes are creepy-great, but that smile! Cat that swallowed the canary or got the cream both come to mind – much smug self-satisfaction.

  4. Great find! Lovin’ the creepy doll eyes, too. Ha ha! Are you a Jonathon Coulton fan, by chance? The weekend was beautiful, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, you will have a real cat one day if you are determined. I was never allowed to have a cat growing up because we were a “dog” family. I was 30 years old when a stray kitten appeared in our garden…we’ve since adopted him and he is a very happy addition (and a very SPOILED one too) to our family. You’ll get your kitten soon, I’m sure. :D

  5. OK my mom has one of those! She’s had it since she was a little kid.

    I am thinking the tear on the bottom might be from someone removing its “squeaker.” Which is my fav part of it as you can set it on the floor and when my *REAL* cats come up to see what it is you squeeze it, it squeaks and they jump stright up in the air.

  6. I wish I had a Rubbercat too. I have three fur catties, but I remember those old rubber ones and love toys. Love old toys! Congratulations on finding Rubbercat! And knowing he/she is a gem. I hope you have a fur cat too, soon, to keep Rubbercat company. I’ll wish on a star tonight for you. :O)

  7. S/he is even more amazing than I imagined. And I bet will sit on your lap, unlike some other green-eyed cat I know.

  8. Wow, those eyes really are creepy! I had some toys with eyes like that when I was a kid, and they were creepy back then, too.

    Glad you found a keeper! : )

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