Pat and Tap and Bit and Tib

This is Pat and Tap, and their pets Bit and Tib.


These little guys have a secret. Can you tell what it is?


Pat and Tap are made from the same pattern, but flipped!

Of course, Bit and Tib have the same thing in common.


This acrobatic family has a long history of performing in circuses. They’re making me dizzy just watching them do backflips.

14 thoughts on “Pat and Tap and Bit and Tib

  1. Hi! I just want to tell you that I really love your patterns! They are so cute and I really have to try the free patterns immediately! Thank you!

  2. Awesome!! They are sooooooooo cute. Ihave freckles just like them. When can we get the pattern? :-)

  3. I think they’re cute, but they’re making me woozy. I have the same reaction when I watch too much anime with flashing lights. . .

  4. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the comments!

    I haven’t quite decided what to do with this pattern, but it might land in the shop at some point. I’ll let you know!

  5. Hey Anna ~ You’ve almost got the perfect tooth pattern there…perhaps knitted dentures where the teeth could come out and play would be a fun toy?

    Or would that just be…gross lol!

  6. Oh you’re right! I totally didn’t notice that Bit and Tib look like little teeth. I think removable dancing teeth would be totally cool, and not gross at all!

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