Free Scarf Pattern by Anla

Anla, the “almost 12”-year-old knitter who made a terrific Butterfull a couple months ago, has published her first free pattern on her blog!


This boho-chic scarf looks quick to knit up, and great for a cool spring day or early fall.

I’m pretty blown away by Anla’s expertise. When I was 11 I think I was playing with bugs or something….

11 thoughts on “Free Scarf Pattern by Anla

  1. Hehe, I was playing with bugs a few minutes ago. I was also squishing blackberries during recess at school about an hour ago.

  2. Wow! What a great scarf! I’m going to look at all the bits and pieces down in my yarn room and see if I’ve got anything that would make up so prettily! Way to go Anla! You have an amazing talent for design and knitting!

  3. hey i’m 12 and i haven’t picked up my knitting needles in a while
    (i’ve been playing w/ bugs and sports) lol

  4. hey, gabby!
    i once touched the wing of a butterfly in 1st grade. it felt soooo soft1 i also caught one during recess in 3rd grade and had a thing for grasshoppers in 4th grade. 9yes, i’m still not typing caps. read about that on my blog.9

  5. :) That is a gorgeous scarf – she is such a prodigy!! My 9 y/o is picking up ladybugs from the playground to put outside of the fence. Apparently, careless others playing soccer and football don’t care if they smush the ladybugs, so it’s up to her to save ’em.

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