Bear Kacha Toy

How about another dose of cuteness?

In Japan I picked up a miniature capsule toy machine, somewhat akin to the Frog Style toy that I blogged about a while ago. But this one is Rirakkuma!


Some assembly is required, with stickers to decorate the outside of the machine and stickers to put on the inside of teeny tiny capsules (that actually open).

After assembly…


I love the detail involved with this toy. It even comes with a tiny clip that you can use to attach two capsule machines together, as in a bank of machines that you often see.

Turn the crank and the capsules pop out!


If you’re wondering where you can get this awesome toy, I have just one more, and you can WIN it by entering this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest! I’ll be announcing all the details in early June (check out the details from last year’s contest here), but you can go ahead and start entering now by uploading your photos to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr pool.

7 thoughts on “Bear Kacha Toy

  1. Holy crappers! That’s got to be the cutest toy I’ve ever seen!!! I just learned how to manage DPN’s for smaller scale knitting, so I’ll have to get my butt in gear for your contest!

  2. i went to japan for the first time last summer and found myself facing walls and walls of capsule machines!! i almost fainted and my boyfriend had to drag me away before i got something from each one :P yours though is by far the cutest i’ve ever seen :)

  3. Can’t stand the cuteness. Really. My emo-factor has depreciated significantly since I started coming here, and that (plus the pea-pod that I just saw) has put me over the edge. I am officially in rainbows and unicorns territory.

  4. Ha, welcome to the light side, MonkeyGurrl! But really, I can only take so many rainbows and unicorns myself before I’m ready for an episode of Seinfeld.

  5. the Japanese just love their cute & they don’t care who knows it!! We had our honeymoon there & came back with soooo many little toys & cute things & all of them remind me of our honeymoon & getting married!!

    I wish we could get that stuff here in the UK :(

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