Hello Kitty Edamame

My friend Kana just came back from a visit to Yamagata prefecture in Japan. Apparently that region is known for its delicious edamame, so I got the cutest cell phone strap as a gift!


Peas have an extremely high cute factor to begin with, so Hello Kitty peas are off the charts! The little pod is just about one inch long.

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Edamame

  1. Oh my goodness, I am salivating! I adore miniature things! Can we buy these somewhere? I’m checking eBay right now!

  2. That’s the cutest hello kitty thing I’ve ever seen. I’m also a fan of edamame though, so I’m afraid the “so cute i want to eat it” urge combined with “looks like a food i love to eat” urge would overcome my common sense. For ages 22+ ???

  3. Heather, I think this is only sold in Yamagata Prefecture, but ebay is certainly a possibility too.

    No removable peas—they’re waay too small not to be lost!

  4. Isn’t it odd how Hello Kitty is adorable as food? While in Hawaii last year, I picked up a Hello Kitty Sushi cell phone charm. The cat is actually wrapped in the rice ball of a plastic nigiri salmon roll. Hilarious!

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