Lucky (or Splat?)

Since I made it for the “Plush You” show at Schmancy last year, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about Squirrel-Infested Tree. I was happy to find that there was interest in a pattern, but since I made it as a one-of-a-kind toy, there is no pattern for it (and the toy has since been sold). But I love trees, especially less-than-happy trees, so I recently made another to be available as a pattern.


This is Lucky—or maybe Splat, I haven’t decided yet. He’s not having such a great day, but the birds tell him that to be pooped on is a sign of good luck. He’s not convinced.

Any preference on the name? Or if you have other name suggestions, I would love to hear them!

15 thoughts on “Lucky (or Splat?)

  1. I love the quirky fun personalities you put into all of your toys! I like Splat, although Lucky is a little more of a funny play on poop, than the literal sound, splat. Hehehe. I wish I had another suggestion for you, but I totally suck at naming things!

  2. Many years ago, I dated a sweet, romantic, sexy guy from Colombia. I met him at Sugarhouse park, where we were both walking our dogs. We sat under the trees on a hot summer day, near a little burbling creek. A bird pooped on the front of his shirt. We both laughed. Later, when we were in love, he told me he knew it was “meant to be”, because bird poop is lucky, and that bird pooped right on his heart! It was the sweetest thing I’d ever heard. The relationship ended quietly, but with fond memories. So I vote for Lucky in Love.

  3. Wow, it’s going to be hard to top Sara’s story, but I like the name Lucky Splat. Both names together into one name.

  4. omigod, he’s too cute… and the birds!! they seem so secure in the idea that what they say is true! but poor lucky, the best i can say for him is at least he’s getting some extra nutrients out of the deal… the only time i got pooped on i was wearing my mom’s vintage suede jacket and felt very unlucky indeed. :( yeah, “splat” is just too traumatic for me… ;)

  5. I like the name Splat… I think it goes along perfectly with it. By the way, too cute!

  6. lol. my friend’s fiancee actually got pooped on by a bird as he was walking their dog. He didn’t even know it until he came back inside and my friend was like “ahaha, what is THAT on your shirt?” Up until then I had never heard of anyone actually getting bird-pooped on. I thought it was just a comedic gag on television skits and cartoon episodes.

  7. Lucky is perfect. I used to have pet birds and got pooped on once. Haha. I’m willing to test the pattern if you need a pattern tester.

  8. I think that Lucky is perfect! Splat is good too, but for some reason I think that it looks much more like a Lucky than a Splat.

  9. I love the bird poop-related stories! Thank you for sharing. So I’m still leaning toward Lucky, I guess, but it’s not set in stone yet.

    And Anla—thanks so much for volunteering your testing services! I have some people testing the pattern right now, but I’ll be in touch if I need some extra help.

  10. I personally like Lucky better than Splat, but if you want a new name maybe you could go with something like Toupee. It sort of looks like the birds are giving the tree a little Toupee to me.

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