Sometimes It’s Hard to Get Things Done Around Here


A few of these little guys will be part of the prizes for the upcoming photo contest. Full details next week!

7 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Hard to Get Things Done Around Here

  1. Ooh!! I have to go make sure I have a white one of these. I love guinea pigs!!

  2. So cute…I want one just to hold in my hand all the time…it kinda reminds me of lucky rabbit’s feet, only without the mutilation! Definitely working on stuff for photo contest…have been for a few weeks now…can’t wait for details!

  3. Can anyone join your contest?
    I am awestruck with your whimsy knitting. I think it’s harder to knit these creatures than to crochet arigurmi creatures. So I truly admire your creativity and inventiveness.
    Please read my blog as my sisters and I are into ‘weakness for stuffness'(made that up)stuffed animals.
    I love your blog

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