A New Knitting Bag

Hello from Owasso, Oklahoma! It smells like grass here.

Today my lofty goal was to finally make it to Dwelling Spaces, the newish hipster design store in downtown Tulsa that I’ve been hearing so much about on my past couple of trips here. I had been meaning to visit for some time now, and I’m glad I did! It was even better than I had imagined, nicely stocked with locally made goods, designer toys, kitchen-y things, etc.

I bought up an armful of goodies for New York friends, and a couple things for myself, including this lovely tote by felix & jayne, locally made by Cristi Jayne Martin:


I’m what I call a “loosely organized” knitter, which means that I threw a couple balls of yarn in my suitcase for my trip here. So I’m excited to have a shiny newly-made-from-vintage-fabrics bag to carry around. I love the detailed stitching of it too:


felix & jayne goods appear to be only available in Oklahoma at this time, but Cristi has an Etsy shop set up, so perhaps people outside of the area will be able to nab her handmade bags and other nice things sometime soon. I just emailed her to find out if she has plans for it.

At this time, Dwelling Spaces has an online shop set up with a small selection of “Tulsa”-branded goods. Also hoping they add to it soon!

10 thoughts on “A New Knitting Bag

  1. beautiful bag! the large felt ovals remind me of crewel embroidery! and i love the contrasting doodle behind it. sorta disorganized and yet complimentary at the same time :).

  2. I am always using knitting bags. Especially when my mom drags me around while doing errands. It comes in handy most when she gets her toenails done….

  3. I got my first knitting bag when the company was called Plain Jayne. It is a Robot bag that is one of my favorite! I have since added several more of her totes and purses to my collection! I agree that Dwelling Spaces is one of my absolute fav’s in Tulsa!

  4. I love your patterns–and when I saw you would be in Tulsa teaching I was so mad! I grow up there and in the area for 22 years, but when I move away, Loops opens and Tulsa opens cool stores and you teach a class. I am very glad you revealed the Tulsa-branded merchandise, though–I need a “don’t hate the 918” in my life! thanks!

  5. Wow! Exciting to see my step-daughter’s bags going all the way to New York.We’re so proud of her. We both make and sell one of a kind, unique handbags. Mine are totally different from hers, but we both enjoy making them. Check out myspace.com/richdiane sometime. Love your little patterns.

  6. That’s a beautiful bag! I didn’t realize that you came to Oklahoma! I live here in Oklahoma City, so I’m always glad to hear about more crafting stores here!

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