The First-Ever Mochimochi Class!

Yesterday was the first-ever Mochimochi class, held at Loops in Tulsa!

I was a little nervous at first—I’m so used to conveying knitting techniques through typing and photos, and not through speaking and demonstrating—but the Loops staff put me totally at ease, and the class attendees were wonderful!

Everybody got started on their own Looper using double-pointed needles and some simple toy-making techniques.



Thank you to everyone to who was there for the class. I’ll be back at Loops tomorrow for another one—I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “The First-Ever Mochimochi Class!

  1. yay! but you’d think they could have dusted the tables before the class started… look at the size of that dust bunny! ;D

  2. Looks like you all had a great time! And yes, I agree with Joan that the Dust Bunny is huge…but ever so cute! :)

  3. lol. I know everyone is so excited over your teaching class! Maybe you could give us some insight on exactly what you are teaching? On the Rav forums some people had questions about exactly what a knitting class is.

    I love how Loops looks. The background is so fibery, bright, and inspirational!

  4. Miki, in the class we went over some basic techniques that you find more often in toy patterns than garment patterns, like joining two separate foot pieces into one round to make a body, mattress stitch, and the techniques I used to make the loop in Looper’s tail (separating the tail into two parts, then rejoining). We also covered some basics like using double pointed needles. Then, half of the fun was just making the project together!

    And yes, Loops is a gorgeous store!

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