Finished Loopers

Since I released the Looper pattern at Loops a couple of weeks ago, there are now a few completed Loopers roaming the earth!

Svendel came all the way from Arkansas to attend last Saturday’s class at Loops, and she finished her little guy in no time! I could tell that she would, since she knits faster than I do.

Her Looper is king of the laptop!



It’s awesome to see someone finish the project we started in the class.

Pattern tester extraordinaire Miki wasn’t in the class, but she was sweet enough to give the pattern a try while it was still in the works. She recently wrote about her Looper on her blog, with the cutest photos.



I was happy to see that Miki also entered her pics in the Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Miki details her full experience with the pattern in her blog post, which I really appreciate. Thank you, Miki!

2 thoughts on “Finished Loopers

  1. Thanks so much for the compliments. I realized after already embroidering him that Looper’s eyes are upside down, but he’ll just be smiling I guess. :)

    I had a lot of fun knitting the little guy and plan on giving him some siblings soon, which may very well be stolen by my niece.

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