Dust Bunnies for the HRRN

A Texas knitter named Kathy (who designs her own patterns at Platypus Dreams) recently contacted me about knitting some Dust Bunnies to raffle off at a fund raiser for the House Rabbit Resource Network, or HRRN, an organization that educates the public about proper care of rabbits and facilitates rabbit rescues and adoptions. How appropriate for the little guys!

Kathy’s Dust Bunnies attended HHRN’s 15th Anniversary Party, where they mingled with members and their live rabbits. Here are some of the photos from the party that Kathy shared with me:




Who knew bunnies like to be so cozy?


And the Dust Bunnies were adopted by the raffle winner!


I’m really happy that the Dust Bunnies could help the HHRN. If you have a charity you’d like to make or sell Mochimochi Land toys for, let me know! (You can email me at info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com.) I love to know what causes the toys are helping, and it’s great to see photos too!

One thought on “Dust Bunnies for the HRRN

  1. I love the idea of knitting toys for charity. So much of the charity knitting is focused on keeping people warm, which is very worthwhile, but it is nice to be able to do things for people’s spirit and joy.

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