Snails vs. Slugs: The Eating Contest

For their third and final competition, the snails and slugs are battling it out in a gastronomical challenge of epic proportions. Whoever can devour their leaves first will be the superior species!

However, a third party seems to have disrupted an otherwise fair fight…


The slugs may not have won this round, but one snail in particular has most certainly lost.


I think that leaves us with no clear winner in Snails vs. Slugs, but a very happy bird instead.


No matter, though—the others are still blithely munching away.



And thus concludes our pointless competition.

If you missed the first two rounds, you can see them here and here, and you can also knit some snails and slugs for yourself with this free pattern.

Update: Thank you to Plush You and Softies Central for featuring the Eating Contest!

11 thoughts on “Snails vs. Slugs: The Eating Contest

  1. Yay for snail/slug competitions! So cute….I love the bird. That bird does seem to resemble the construction of the dust bunnies…I’m sure by mere coincidence, right? Very very cute–the bird is my favorite part! ;) Anyhoo, great as always!

  2. what are the gray things? O! just kidding! they are really dark greenish grayish leaves. gotcha… cute!

  3. The construction of the bird and the Dust Bunnies is a little similar in that I think I increased the same number of stitches in some sections, but the bird is much bigger and spherical. I rarely reuse a pattern—I prefer to start fresh for every project and see where it takes me. But it is a very chubby bird!

    Shelley, you’re right—the photos could use a little color adjustment, but yes, I used a very dark green yarn for the leaves.

  4. i love the little worlds you create! they’re always beautiful, funny, well crafted, and they make me happy. :)

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