My Newer Favorite Tee

My newer favorite tee has a lot in common with my older new favorite tee: they both came from a Graniph spree in Japan, they are both pink (not my favorite color), and they both depict cute animals who could fry you with their bionic eyes.


I’ve also already managed to stain this one, like I did the older one, with some ramen broth or something. Sad!

4 thoughts on “My Newer Favorite Tee

  1. I like how the shirt features something cute and innocent and combines it with something lasery and violentishish.

  2. Actually, years and years and years ago – like about 1910 or 1920 – there WERE “light-up eye” teddy bears – I’ve seen vintage ads for them. The bear on the t-shirt looks just like them. (I bet it’s based on the vintage ad).

    Of course, these weren’t bears with “frickin’ lasers” in their heads; they were just bears with a flashlight battery and probably a pair of fairly weak bulbs. (But given the state of the art of batteries around 1910 – or at least what I’d expect it to be – the bears were probably dangerous enough.)

    This has been your Pedantic Moment ™ for the day…

  3. oh wow…the tee is amazing! I tend to unintentionally stain all of my favourite clothes…I think I must have inherited a clumsy gene or something :)

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